Two Oceans 2015 – Stay on Track!

With the holiday over and training time decreasing with new work commitments and back to school madness, it can be very challenging to stay on track with your training.

With only 12 weeks to go to the big day, it is time to start getting down to the serious work and training lost now will have a big effect on your finishing time.

Here are 10 tips to help you stay on track.

  1. Follow a schedule. Even better – stick it on your fridge/office notice board- wherever you will see it Often. Mark off what you have completed – if you are not tracking what you are doing, missed training sessions accumulate faster than you think.

(Download the Two Oceans schedules off the VOB website)

  1. Keep a training diary. Include as much detail as possible in each entry. This is not only a great way to check yourself and stay motivated but also is a great monitoring tool to prevent overtraining.
  1. Plan your training runs into your daily work/parenting diary
  1. Find ways to build your runs into your work day. Eg. Run to/from work, run over lunch hour
  1. Train with a group. It is harder to skip a run if you have training partners waiting for you.
  1. Stick your goal up on your work pc, car dashboard, bathroom mirror…the more you see it, the more you your brain will know where it needs to take you.
  1. Share your goal with family, friends and colleagues. Or challenge a buddy. This creates some nice pressure to keep you on track.
  1. If possible, train early in the morning. This eliminates the chances of something coming up that will keep you from running. Plus you are not exhausted from the day’s work.
  1. Pack healthy work lunches. No need for unwanted weight gain or illness due to poor “on the go” nutrition.
  1. Plan for a good night’s rest – Often! Sleep is very important for recovery and keep your immunity up.

Next week I will show you how to hack the long runs which could be very beneficial for those of you susceptible to injury from very long LSD’s or pressed for time on the weekend.

RUN.LAUGH.LIVE ~ Coach Kathleen