Good Running Reads

IMG_20150203_075313If I ran races the way I read books then I would be a serial DNF!

One thing I can get to the end of though,  is a good running book. I am after all a runner and not a literary, something my high school English teacher made a peace with  very early on.

If you are looking for a good read for those lazy post long run Sunday afternoons, here are my top 5 (which I have a finishers’ medal to show for!)

1. The Complete Book of Running ~ Jim Fixx

My first ever running read, Jim Fixx has a wonderful way of simplifying the complex physiology and psychology of running. It is one of the most practical books on running I have read. Simple, logical, yet scientifically sound advice that every runner will be able to understand and implement. It is from Jim Fixx that I got my conviction for honey as the best energy gel, which I still vigorously promote today.

2. I Run, Therefore I Am – NUTS! ~ Bob Schwartz

Lets get real, us runners have some wonderfully strange habits and often end up in hilarious situations (well, hilarious if you are a runner, just plain weird if you are not). Bob Schwartz will have you in stitches as he brings out the humor in situations that almost every runner can relate to.

3. Marathon Running ~ Richard Nerurkar

One of the few books which provide practical advice for every level from beginner to elite. Great insights from Richard’s personal marathon racing experiences.

The book has very sound, varied and easy to follow training schedules from a sub 5 hour marathon to a sub 2 hour 20 marathon.

4. Running with the Kenyans ~ Adharanand Finn

A fascinating look into the lives of the legends of distance of running. You will be able to smell the dust and hear the fast rhythmical footfall of speed on dirt as the author takes you right into the villages where greatness is born.

5. Lore of Running ~ Tim Noakes

This remains one of those timeless classics. You will struggle to find a more comprehensive book on the myriad of topics related to running. This book is especially suited to those who like getting their teeth into the science. The revised edition also features fascinating profiles on some of the legends of South African running such as Xolile Yawa and Colleen de Reuck.

Be inspired!

Coach Kathleen


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