Mind over Route ~ Two Oceans Ultra Route Change

OukaapsThe main discussion point over pre-race pasta and beers this year will undoubtedly be the return to the alternative, Ou Kaapse Weg, Two Oceans route.

There are likely to mixed emotions around this change. Some will say it is easier, others harder, the Namibians will be very sad to be seeing less of the ocean. Whichever camp you are in, Ou Kaaps it is, and so there are a few adjustments that you will need to make to your race plan.

Sports psychologists always teach you to focus on the controllables and to let the rest go. So, firstly you need to decide that you love the Ou Kaapse route and that you are going to have an awesome day out on the road. If you have prepared well, then you will ace it. Don’t let other people’s negative views stress you out and spoil your day.

Secondly, you need to adjust your pacing schedule. You are likely to slow down a little more on Ou Kaaps than you would have on Chapman’s peak. This is not a problem for your overall time as you have an easier route after Ou Kaaps, and if you run sensibly then it will all even out. That said, realize that your time at halfway will be a little slower as the big mountain comes earlier in the race. This can lead to you being tempted to push too hard to soon as you will be thinking, Shucks my halfway time is slow and the big mountain is over, now I can gun it. Big mistake! With the big mountain being earlier on, you can be lured into a false sense of “I can go now” too soon. Top of Ou Kaaps to the marathon mark is a danger zone for pushing too hard. Stick to your pacing plan!

Your next danger zone is between the marathon mark and Southern Cross drive. Another fairly easy section where you can be tempted to push too hard too soon. Time gained here is likely to be lost in greater increments when you hit Southern Cross drive on empty. Southern Cross drive is a much easier climb than Constantia Nek and you should be able to run a faster pace, you will still need strong legs though, so be patient.

Once you have reached the summit of Southern Cross, it is the familiar journey home. Provided you did not push too soon, you will have a strong run to the finish line.

Have a great race and remember~

The real race is about the journey and the people you share it with along the way. So stop to enjoy the view and RUN.LAUGH.LIVE!

Coach Kathleen