Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

The majority of the runners I work with are moms and dads who are also successful working professionals. Time for exercising is limited and often interrupted by work trips, deadlines and school activities. As much as they would like to stick to the training schedule, sometimes, life happens. Does this sound like you?

Over time these interruptions can leave a lot of zeros in your training diary. The result? after many weeks of “following a training programme” you are  left feeling unfit and frustrated.

Is there a solution?

runningrhythmSpeak to any runner who has been running well year in and year out and they will tell that the key is not big workouts, but consistently working out. A bit like building a house. Each individual brick is small, but it is layer upon layer upon layer of bricks that eventually forms the house.

My advice is: When you are going through a time challenging period, don’t look at the numbers on the schedule, just get out and run. However long you are able. Even if it is just for 15 minutes. Just run. It is a small brick, but it is,  “another brick in the wall”.

Most people would normally think 15 minutes is not enough to do much for my fitness and end up skipping the run instead with well-meaning plans of squeezing it in later in the day or week. This normally never happens!

Why does it work?

The human body likes routine. I am sure you have experienced that the more days you don’t run, the less motivated you become and you also feel quite sluggish when you do. By maintaining your “Training Rhythm”, you are reminding your body that this is what you do each day, you run. Running is “The Norm”. As a result, your energy and motivation remain high, you release much needed endorphins and your body will be itching to go again the next day. You will also be pleasantly surprised by how much running you still do end up totaling for the week.
Another good reason to maintain a training rhythm is the training law, “Don’t use it, lose it”. If you are always missing a lot of days in between runs, you will keep losing the fitness gains before the next run and plateau or even possibly even experience a fitness reverse.
So whatever you do, no matter how short, JUST RUN. And if a run is really not an option, then make the day as active as possible by running the stairs in your building instead of taking the elevator, parking far away from your meeting and running to still make it on time.

Get creative and RUN.LAUGH.LIVE!

Coach Kathleen

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