Free Your Feet – Lydiard Lacing Method

SoreFeetAfter many years of struggling with foot cramps and numbness, especially on the top of my feet and with my toes, I discovered a new way of lacing my shoes recommended by the well known endurance coach, the late Arthur Lydiard.

What makes his lacing system different to the traditional method is that the laces do not cross over each other but run straight across the foot.  This prevents pressure on the sinews and bones on top of the foot and also allows the foot to function more freely. I tried the method with great success in marathon and ultra-marathon laces and now lace my shoes no other way.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to lace “The Lydiard Way”.

Diagram of Lydiard Lacing Method


1. Start by inserting the lace into the second hole from the bottom.LydiardLace1

2. Take the lace underneath, up through the bottom hole and over the top into the opposite bottom hole.


3. Take the lace underneath, skipping a hole.


4. Take the lace over the top again.


5. Go underneath skipping a hole again and then over the top. Continue like this until the lace reaches the top.

20150504_134425  20150504_134455

6. Repeat this process of under and over with the other half of the lace.

20150504_134518  20150504_134559

7.The completed shoe looks as below 20150504_134641

Happy free foot running!

Coach Kathleen