Comrades Marathon season is here – Coach Kathleen’s key tips for the “Big C”

10604060_761194277278652_6431776656193919362_oWith the Big C, a.k.a Comrades Marathon, only two weeks away – here are a few tips to keep you focused and prevent those simple errors that seem small at the time, but can turn devastating on race day.

1. Halfway is only at 65km. Take it easy. No matter how good you feel!

2. Two days before (Friday) is the most important day to eat well and get to bed early. You are not going to be sleeping much Saturday night!

3. You are likely to have a bit of a drive and a long wait before the start so be sure to eat a good easy to digest breakfast.

4. If you have supporters seconding you along the route, show your appreciation by packing in some treats for them.
5. Everywhere you have (and have not) chafed before, you will chafe. Loob up!
6. Watch out for your posture become too bent over forward and constricted. Every now and then, “open up”, shoulders back, chest out, tall and proud.
7. Take a little toilet paper to the start for that that second pitstop you did not quite get time for.
8. The friendly sales people at the expo could become your enemy come race day. As convincing as they sound, do not try anything new!
9. 5% undertrained is better than 1% overtrained. Arrive at the start line well rested and healthy.
10. Make a point of taking it extra easy through the water points, the crowds have an energy which can easily sweep you along and before you know it you will be
running way too fast.

Enjoy the journey and remember to embrace those “little moments” along the route that make the collective experience great!

Coach Kathleen