Personal Best 101: Tips to your fastest 5k #6 – Get the edge

run-fast2In the last of our series on running your fastest 5k, I provide a list of 10 top tips for cracking those PB’s that can be applied to all race distances.

1. Train consistently

It is not how hard you train, but how regularly you train that is going to give you the edge you need. Building your training into your daily life rhythm will help you keep going in the long haul.

2. Practice being  fast

Once you have a good fitness base, gradually build in faster sessions such as fartlek or intervals that challenge you to run faster than your goal 5k time.

Challenge yourself, longer faster workouts

3. Get strong

By including hillwork and running specific strength exercises. The stronger your legs and upper body, the better you will be able to maintain your form and speed towards the end of your run.

4. Eat like a champion

What you eat has a big impact on your training, recovery and performance. Planning your meals is as important as planning your training.

4. Get mobile

A stuck body is not going anywhere fast. Include daily mobility work as part of your training.

5. Recover well

Your fitness improves during recovery AFTER training. Implementing a good recovery routine is not only important for muscle and energy recovery, but also for reducing risk of illness and injury which are not great for your training consistency.

6. Learn pacing

The most efficient way to run a fast 5k is to run close to even effort for every kilometer as possible. Get used to running your goal pace in training so that you are familiar with the effort on your time trial or race.

7.Learn to breathe like an oxygen monster

The more oxygen you can get to your legs for longer, the faster you will be able to run. Learn to breath with your diaphragm (“belly breathing”) and do regular breathing exercises to strengthen your breathing capacity.

8. Train long and steady to run fast

Strengthening your cardiovascular system through long steady running will increase oxygen delivery to your muscles and enable you to maintain your speed and not fade at the end of the 5k.

9. Mental training

Preparing your mind for the goal you want to achieve will give you the edge when your body wants to quit on you.

10. Warm up

Follow a warm up routine of some light jogging and dynamic stretching exercises to prepare your body for speed.

Let me know how you get along.

Coach Kathleen