Follow a Training Plan – Reach Your Goals

GoalThere is a well known saying which goes, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. This is just one reason to follow a training plan for your next running goal. While the ultimate is to have the detailed attention and flexibility of a personal running coach, following a general training plan, has many great benefits:

  1. Take the guessing out of your workout. The coach has done the thinking for you. It is much easier to get out and do the training you need to do for the day if you don’t need to think about it. Think long enough about the session (especially in bad weather!) and you will soon be thinking yourself back onto the couch.
  2. Knowing your workouts in advance makes it easier for you to plan them into the rest of your week’s work and family schedule.
  3. A training plan provides a blueprint against which you can log and measure progress.
  4. It is also a great little accountability tool! Especially if you paid for the plan
  5. Well structured training plans are designed to progress the training in a way that will minimize illness and injury resulting in more consistent training and a greater likelihood of reaching your goal.
  6. The plan is designed specifically for your goal.
  7. With a training plan designed for a goal race, you can see the “end” of the plan and how you are getting closer which is a great motivation to keep going.
  8. A training plan minimizes the dangers of doing too much or too little training.
  9. You are more likely to try new workouts if they are on a training plan.
  10. You will score lots of admiration points from your work colleagues every time they see it pinned up on your memo board.

Looking for a plan? Visit the Training Plans link to view the options available online.

Most importantly – Remember to ENJOY your training!

Coach Kathleen


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