My Favourite Marathon Taper Week


With many Capetonians tackling the popular Cape Peninsula marathon next Sunday in final bid to qualify for the Two Oceans marathon, I thought this is a good time to post my favorite training routine in the week leading up to the race. This routine would be the same for an ultra such as Two Oceans or Comrades.

The key for the week is – maintain your normal frequency of runs but keep it short with a few quick pickups to wake the legs up.This will leave your body feeling rested and fresh without that sluggish feeling you get from not running at all.

This is my week to use as a starting point, but keep in mind that all runners are individuals and you must experiment  until you find your own perfect taper week.

Monday:       REST

Tuesday:       5km jog plus 4 x (50 -100m acceleration runs)

Wednesday: 3km jog then 1km as fast as you can

Thursday:     4km jog plus 4 x (50 -100m acceleration runs)

Friday:           REST – feet up – carboload – hydrate

Saturday:       3km jog plus 4 x (50 -100m acceleration runs)

Sunday:          RACE LIKE A CHAMPION!

Good Luck!

Coach Kathleen