534385_10150692384377863_129999762862_9245209_1084323253_nEvery weekend, across the world, as we watch our fellow ordinary humans transform into Spartans as they conquer great endurance feats from the comfort of the sofa, remote in one hand, favorite sports channel snack in the other, we begin to dream up grandiose  plans of getting off the couch, running a marathon, maybe even doing an Ironman. Hey, if that guy can do it, why not me!

Unfortunately most of those dreams remain on the couch only to be dreamt all over again “next year”.

So how do you turn Monday morning into Day 1 of realising that dream – COMMIT TO A DEADLINE – and the best way to do this is to enter a race and pay your money! As much as we complain about ever increasing race entry fees, you certainly are way more committed once that entry confirmation arrives in your mailbox. Not to mention the many little reminder emails the organizers send of how close race day is that keep you on your toes (especially when they include photos and stories of how hard everyone else is apparently training!).

So in the next ad break, whip out your smartphone, browse to your local race calendar, put in those credit card details and press ‘ENTER’!

P.S. – For a little added pressure – stick your entry confirmation up next to your work computer and tell everyone!

Good Luck! Look out for more Victory tips each week.

Coach Kathleen