“Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.” ~ Bruce Lee

534385_10150692384377863_129999762862_9245209_1084323253_nWe live in a MacDonald’s world where everyone is seeking after quick gains. The latest hype doing the rounds is that you get the same fitness gains from just 60 seconds high intensity training as 45 minutes moderate training.

We seem to have forgotten that the tortoise eventually beat the hare and that Rome was not built in a day.

Call me old-fashioned, but from my experience as both runner and coach, the biggest and importantly – most long lasting -results, come only from weeks of consistent training. The guy whose training schedule says “Run 10 times around the block” and actually does it every day will get more results than the guy with the most scientific schedule who never gets out the door.

I always say it takes 3 weeks of regular consistent training to see some results, 6 weeks to see fairly significant results and 12 weeks to see really big results.

So where do you start? Most start by going out and downloading the latest and greatest training schedule and deciding to start Monday. Well, we all know what happens when you get home late from work Monday and decided to postpone to Tuesday, then the kids have a school function Tuesday and then…

What is one to do?

  1. Start by looking realistically at your “real life” week and determine on what days and at what times you are almost 100% sure you are able to train.
  2. Try have one flexi-day that can be moved a day earlier or later if an emergency crops up.
  3. Then commit in your weekly diary to training at those times.
  4. Start with just 1 day a week, then add a day each week until you are at your max.
  5. Now keep the rhythm. Even if you have to shorten the run to as little as 10 minutes, don’t skip the day!
  6. Tell your friends, family, boss, when your training days are – who knows, they might join you!

Good Luck!

Coach Kathleen