Hill Running Form

IMG_2206Hill training is known as being very good for developing good running form and efficiency, however I have seen many runners training hills with inefficient form. We know the saying, Practice makes permanent, so while hill running does encourage good form, it is not automatic and runners still need to concentrate on making sure they are enforcing the correct habits.

Some common mistakes I see runners making:

  • Not using the arms
  • Using the arms but swinging them across the body
  • Bending excessively at the waist (almost like you are sinking into the hill)
  • Dropping the head and shoulders

Focus on these points for good form:

Drive your arms straight backwards and forwards. Think of grabbing strings slightly in front at about chest height and pulling them straight back so that your hands pass just above hip height.

Run tall. Imagine keeping a straight line from your head to your ankles. Lean forward slightly from your ankles maintaining this straight line i.e. Don’t break the line at your waist. You can also imagine yourself lifting up out of your hips to keep from bending excessively.

Keep your head level and shoulders back, eyes focused a few metres ahead – this will help you maintain a strong tall body position.

Good luck with training

Coach Kathleen