Victory Tips #4 – The Buddy System

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”~African Proverb


Currently I am visiting on the East coast of South Africa and have managed to hook up with a group of runners who take early morning running to the next level. 4:30am start! A new all time earliest start for me. I thought the guys in Cape Town were nuts starting at 5:30, but these guys are already almost home dunking rusks by then! Evidence again of the power of knowing there are other crazies (or maybe we are the normal ones…LOL!) waiting somewhere on a dark corner for you to appear.

Whether you train in the morning, evening, whether it is glorious summer vibes or snowing outside, we all have those days where we know that the only thing getting us out training is not being able to fake a good enough excuse for no a show.

So phone a friend or two to meet up for a session, or even better still, hook up with a local running club – they normally have plenty of groups for all levels and you know at least the run leader will pitch!

Plus – life is more fun in a team!

I will be looking out for you on the road (early!)

Coach Kathleen