Victory Tips #6 – Get Breathing Fit

canstockphoto27801498Breathing is one of those topics that is least spoken about, yet most important. In fact right now I just gave myself one of those “you dummy” slaps on the head for not making this Victory Tip #1.

I think because breathing is such an automatic part of just being alive that we never stop to think about the effect the way we breathe has on our running performance and that it is actually something we need to train.

We automatically just assume that being out of breathe, wheezing with tight burning chest, means we are unfit or have asthma and just need to train more. There are countless articles on strength training, speed training, endurance training etc etc. but yet the most important ingredient in the mix for our muscles too keep going is …(drumroll)… Oxygen (and it is free!)

I still remember as a young 12 year old athlete, lying on my bed at night training my breathing, something that had a major impact on my running performance –
Follow these tips in my personal best 101 series and you too can become an oxygen monster!

Let me know how you get on

Coach Kathleen