Victory Tips #7 – Learn to Run


This might sound like a strange topic to be mentioning to runners just past halfway through our victory series. And it is not strange to think it strange, since running is a very natural human activity which we seem to automatically do from a young age, unlike riding a bike or swimming, which we need to “learn”.

The “learning” comes in in that while we all can run in the sense of “moving fast across the ground”, however we do not all naturally move with the gazelle like elegance of a Kenyan across the plains of Iten.

There is good news though! In the same way you can improve your golf swing or swimming technique with coached practice, you are able to become more “Kenyan like” by working with a coach who is able to train the way you run.

Why the effort? What are the benefits?

  • Greater efficiency i.e. less energy/effort required for the same pace = more endurance
  • Improved pace (with less effort)
  • Lower injury risk
  • Much much more running enjoyment!

(and of course great looking Kenyan stylin’ race photos)

Try adding on 10 minutes of running technique drills to the beginning/end of your run a few times a week or even better still, dedicate one days training to focusing just on running technique. I know you freaking out about missing out on some running time doing “silly” little drills, but think riding a bicycle with a buckled wheel vs. a perfectly tuned wheel, it is so worth it!

Let me know how you get on

Coach Kathleen