Victory Tips #12 ~ Run…Rest…Repeat


Recently after an almost 3 year time out, I decided to get back out there and, being a mild over achiever, chose an ultra endurance event as my first challenge. To my surprise, I discovered that even though I am not nearly as fast as in my youth, I am physically and mentally stronger than the racing snake years. While pondering this matter, I realized that it is simply the result of more than 30 years of regular RUN…REST…REPEAT

So…to finish off I want to leave you with my number one line of advice I give all my runners week in and week out:


There is nothing that beats regular injury and illness free running. To achieve this you need to #1 Run, #2 Rest so you can recover to run again. It really is that simple. The biggest errors in the training of most runners who come to me for help is not that they are not doing enough intervals or hills or have got there heart rate lactate thresholds all mixed up. It is usually that they are either not running regularly enough or not resting enough and at the right times.

Yes, it really is that simple!

To summarise the 12 weeks to Victory:

  1. Commit to a deadline
  2. Consistency
  3. Track your progress
  4. The buddy system
  5. Eat to train
  6. Get breathing fit
  7. Learn to run
  8. Never loose your wonder
  9. Get dressed for success
  10. Get out of your comfort zone
  11. Run long
  12. Do all of the above and REPEAT!

Good luck with the training and remember…

Simple living = High living

Coach Kathleen


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