When aerobic running becomes a daily habit, strength and confidence follow.“~
Arthur Lydiard


I regularly get asked, “How do I become a runner?”, and my answer is “RUN”. Thus the title of this blog… RUN.

It is really that simple, and it is herein that the beauty and appeal of running lies. Yes there is running technique and core strength, fartleks, hill repeats and lactate threshold. All very important, but important because they help us to be more injury and fatigue resilient so that we can…RUN..more often and longer. In fact, as kids we never get taught to run, we just do. Yes we get taught to run better, but I have yet to see kids playing walking games. It is our sedentary lives as adults that cause us to need to re-learn to run.

So, bottom line, to be a runner, simply, RUN.

Some of you might be thinking, but I have tried and am just still not a runner. The question is, “How long did you try?”. For some it can take a long long time, not because you cannot run or because running is complicated, more because our bodies get taught that the norm is sit, lie, maybe walk a little. Being very intelligently created, our bodies adapt to that norm. You need to teach it that the new norm is RUN! Stick at it consistently (This is a mega keyword!) and you will be surprised.

Over the next few weeks, to help you RUN long and well, I will be sharing 5 universal principles of running training. Principles that hold true whether you are a first time couch leaver or elite athlete, and which, if followed, will reward you with great results. Now you might be thinking, principles don’t sound simple anymore, you will see though, that they all point to this one word – RUN.

In the meantime, log off, shut down and GO RUN!

Coach Kathleen