Back to Basics

The start of another year generally heralds in the start of many things new. However, amidst all that is new, we can easily be enticed by many miracle promising  training methods, diets and gear, guaranteeing to get us to our goals for the year with less effort and less time, as long as we are willing to fork out a few $$$ for the monthly subscription to “a New Leaner Faster You”. Unfortunately many of these have great graphics and tag lines, but very little physiologically sound substance that will really make us leaner and faster runners.basics

I love reading the books of the great master coaches from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. These guys possessed little to no technological garbly gook, what they did have, is solid physiology knowledge combined with incredible intuition into the effects of different training regimes on the human body. I believe that the lack of technology was actually valuable in this regard in that it forced the coach to continuously observe, analyse and think upon his athletes performance instead of just relying on the numbers. Read for yourself and you will see that in the end it all came down to patiently and consistently applying the basics year in and year out which brought the big results.

So as we head into the second week of the New Year and Two Oceans and Comrades training season gets into full swing, here are my top 10 Basics that will never let you down:

  1. Run far often, very regularly often, and never skip your LSD.
  2. Cross training does not count as running and does count as training.
  3. When in doubt, do hills.
  4. Alternate hard and easy days as well as hard and easy weeks to allow time for your body to recover.
  5. After a marathon or ultra, it can take 2 weeks to a month for your body to recover, if you give it a chance, otherwise even longer.
  6. Running in the rain does not make you sick, bugs do.
  7. Eat carbohydrates. Full stop.
  8. To loose weight, eat less food and drink less alcohol.
  9. The shoe that feels the best on a test run is the best shoe for you.
  10. Sleep is the best recovery tool, and it is free.

Good luck chasing your 2017 dreams, remember though to every now and then just stop a while and appreciate just being able to run.

Happy Running, Laughing and Living

Coach Kathleen