The Paradoxicality of Runners

paradoxical – seemingly absurd or self-contradictory

marathon-1494648_960_720I, like many other runners,  have come to embrace that we are, a little strange, maybe crazy, most likely obsessive and very often seemingly absurd in our ways.

We moan and groan our way out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5:00 am for our morning run and then get depressed when we are sick and have to lie in.

We hate hill training, but are always wanting to get stronger on the hills.

We go cycling, swimming or hiking for rest.

The first item we pack when going on holiday is our running shoes!

We whinge about our aches and pains, but get even more upset when the physio tells us to run less or even worse, rest!

We will run 26 miles for fun but drive 1 mile to the grocery store (and park as close to the entrance as possible!)

We don’t like cold showers, but happily run for hours in the rain.

We can recite the exact mile splits of our last marathon at the drop of a hat, but struggle to remember birthdays and where last we left the car keys.

We non nonchalantly toss those “useless” race medals into a draw with the other hundreds of “useless” race medals and complain when we don’t get one at the finish.

We are the ultimate health nuts, but also the biggest coffee junkies (oh and that coke at the finish…mmm…so good).

The last finisher is normally celebrating more than the winner.

We annually enter races we swore we would never do again.

And, finally, no matter how much we are dying, we are always smiling on race photos. Because you see,  underneath all the sweating, moaning and suffering, we are actually have a whole lot of fun! It’s a crazy runner thing!

Here’s to many more paradoxical miles!

Coach Kathleen