Secret Reflections

23847574_1351707124956192_6029345910758114268_o-e1512475338127.jpgAt the end of another coaching year it is time to reflect on training and racing successes and challenges of the different athletes I have guided, refine what worked and rethink what did not.

I have put together a short list of my reflections, runners who follow these principles have had great success and hopefully their is a secret or two in there that will help you to reach your own goals in 2018!

The not surprising find is that the secrets remain the simple steps repeated consistently over time. Simple running, high running!

  1. Nothing conditions the body and mind for running like running. Those that consistently get out and run, every day, every week, every month, get results.
  2. Fatigue management is key for the above mentioned consistency and for maximum performance on race day. Hitting the start line fresh and hungry is more important than how many training miles you have logged.
  3. There are no shortcuts. Training schedules that promise to get you to the finish line in only … x (insert small number)… weeks or on only …x (insert again small number)… minutes a day are great for selling magazines,  but terrible for completion rates, not to mention injury and illness risk.
  4. The legendary LSD (long slow distance) run remains a cornerstone session for all distances from 800m to ultra marathons.
  5. The simplest, safest and most effective quality session for your average club runner is hill repeats.
  6. Injuries do not come right by simple resting.
  7. Spending time on improving mobility (especially around the hips) is key for performance and injury prevention.
  8. The best fuel for running is carbohydrate.
  9. Stay in your lane. That is, sticking to the plan that is best for your body instead of copying someone else’s training. Trust the training process and your body!
  10. Last, but definitely not least – HAVE FUN!!!!

Onwards an upwards into 2018!

Coach Kathleen



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