Lessons from the Garden Route

No human is limited ~ Eliud Kipchoge

The great Eliud Kipchoge has, over the last two years, wowed the world with his remarkable marathon achievements, coining the phrase, “No human is limited”, as he broke the great two hour barrier in the marathon last October.

Over the past two weeks, I have seen this phrase come to life through the mindnumbing circle running feats of many “ordinary” runners across the country.

For many, Friday 27th March started with a mere (although at the time it did not seem so mere), 2 kilometre run around (and around again and again…) their garden, as they embarked on the great Mzansi lockdown marathon challenge. The goal was to run a marathon in 21 days by running 2 kilometres per day in your “place of residence”.

With almost a week still to go, many have long surpassed the marathon mark as their daily number of laps, and with that daily mileage, kept growing. Even more remarkable, more than a few phenomenal humans, this past Saturday, ran a marathon and beyond in their own gardens or driveways. I had to eat a big piece of humble pie after bragging about my first 10 kilometre run!

This of course did not surprise me, as South Africans are probably the only nation where you go from Couch to Comrades in one go!

On my second, “mere” 10 kilometre run, I began to reflect on this interesting journey we have been on, and will continue on till the finish line! and decided to share just 10 of the many things I have learnt thus far;

  1. I am one of the least crazy ones! Comparatively, I actually think I am quite normal.

2. Garden services are going to get a lot of business post lockdown.

3. Having a safe “outside” to escape to is a huge blessing.

4. Instead of asking for something you don’t have, ask “what is possible with what is in my hand”.

5. Today’s limit is merely the baseline of what is is possible tomorrow.

6. There is incredible power in community.

7. Life really is a circle and history for sure repeats itself (in this case every 100 meters).

8. Dogs might be smarter than humans after all. I have yet to see a dog join in for more than one or two laps (and this includes my own), before realizing this is going nowhere and settling down to relax in the sun or heading off to chase something real.

9. While running is really a lot of fun and excellent food for the soul, lasting and true peace, fulfillment and joy is only found in the presence of God. My most amazing moments of all, have been sitting quietly in the sun post run and just enjoying being under His shadow.

10. And finally, the running community are an extraordinary, crazy, fun, caring tribe of humans that I love very much! Thank you to all those that I get to share this unique journey with.

Keep on running, laughing and living to the max!

Onwards and upwards!
Coach Kathleen