I have recently had conversation with a number of runners who admit their motivation to train has hit a big low. This is to be expected, with no big goals in sight, the recent cold weather and the thrill of virtual racing having worn off a bit. So how do you get back on track and keep the fire burning?

My advice is always to take the mileage pressure off yourself and think “Frequency”. You will benefit much more from keeping up daily short runs than doing one or two big runs a week and nothing the rest. I also advise not worrying about the distance and just saying I’ll go for 20 min or 40 min. Or even ditch the watch completely and just run a certain loop or to a point and back. Apart from the physiological benefit that comes from the consistency of daily runs, there is also a big psychological benefit in reforming a good “habit” and getting the regular “feel good”, plus, and this is the big plus, by taking the mileage pressure off yourself, your simply joy of running will return and before you know it that 20 min run will become 40, 60, 2 hours.

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Onwards and Upwards!

Coach Kathleen

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