Filling the gaps

A big part of the art of performance coaching is finding the gaps and then designing training sessions to fill them. While this can be a bit like finding a mosquito in the dark with elite athletes, for most club runners there are a few common gaps I have noticed which are pretty easy to fill…with discipline and hard work. So if you are experiencing some frustrations in improving your running, here are some questions that will help you find the gaps:

  1. How many days a week do you actually run? And how consistent are you week to week, month to month? Be honest!
  2. Are you doing your weekly LSD?
  3. Do your run continuously or are you stopping every few k’s on your runs?
  4. How much variety is there in your training, pace, distance, type of session?
  5. What does your training-recovery rhythm look like?
  6. Do you ever rest!?
  7. How much training are you doing that is not helping your running, just making you tired?
  8. Do you ever get out of your comfort zone?
  9. Do train to eat or eat to train?
  10. Do you ever spend a season working on improving your times over shorter distances?

These are just a few, for more help in finding and closing your gaps –  Email

Coach Kathleen

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