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Coaching since 2004, I have coached both young and old athletes from those achieving provincial and national medals in track, biathlon and cross country to runners running their first ever half marathon or marathon. I am a specialist in youth coaching and my coaching philosophy is to not only help each athlete achieve their best with their athletic talent but to guide each athlete in developing character and transforming their lives beyond the track. As an athlete I have competed at high levels across all the running disciplines, track, road, cross country and trail running as well as internationally in triathlon. I have a personal best of 2 hours 45 min for the marathon and have twice been part of the winning ladies team in the AfricanX trail race. Qualifications IAAF Athletics Lecturer Level 3 Distance Running Coach SAQ Fundamental Movement Certificate Personal Running Performances



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How to Select a Training Plan

A house is built from the foundation up not from the roof down. Continue reading

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You Won the Two Oceans Lotto! Now what?

For many the long wait to hear if they are one of the lucky winners of a 2020 Two Oceans Ultra or Half Marathon entry is finally over. Congratulations to those who are in! And a special welcome to the … Continue reading

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Running for life

Make 2019 the start of no looking back! Continue reading

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Is cross training helping or harming your running

Manage your fatigue well and you will reap the benefits of your chosen cross workout. Continue reading

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Injuries can make you a better runner

Running per se has often unfairly got the blame for many injuries. Yes, the injury might have occurred while running, but lets get real, there are not too many injuries you can suffer while sitting on the couch. Continue reading

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When all is said and done

In our modern age of information overload we have so much training advice at our fingertips that our challenge is not finding a training schedule, but deciding which advice to follow. Over the years of my own training, coaching and … Continue reading

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TAPERING: Looking at the bigger picture

The questions arise when the magic does not happen. I took a bit of a broader look around the and throw out a few additional questions that the runner needs to ask him or herself. Continue reading

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A Celebration of Journeys

“The amazing thing about running is that many runners may run the same road, but no one runs the same journey.” – If you are a regular follower of my blogs you will be familiar with the phrase “it … Continue reading

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Two Oceans Ultra Marathon Tips 12/12 – You’ve Got This

Welcome to paranoia week! Focusing on work is going to be a big challenge as your mind keeps drifting to Saturday and on every run those little buggers doubt and fear are going to want to torment you. You have … Continue reading

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