Coaching Packages

Coach Kathleen has the following Coaching Options available:

  • TRAINSMART-RUN Personalised Online Coaching Package
  • Once off “Designed for you” training plans for a specific goal

TRAINSMART-RUN Online Coaching Package includes:

  • Personalised monthly training programme delivered via

  • Goal specific coaching
  • Ongoing review and feedback of training

  • Regular analysis of training data to optimize your training to TrainSmart
  • Regular communication via email, whatsapp, facetime or sms if necessary to customise training days as and when needed – recognising that things change.

  • Experienced advice on all areas of training i.e. nutrition, race strategy, recovery, equipment, motivation and support. Advice when needed on running shoes, sports therapy, massage, strength training etc.


  • RSA based Athletes: R550/month

  • International Athletes: USD 60

Event Specific Training Programme Only

  • Personalized 12-18 week programme for your goal event
  • Assistance planning towards your goal
  • Programme includes race day strategy and advice
  • This programme is a once off purchase and does not include personal interaction with the coach once the programme is delivered


  • 12 weeks – R1200

  • 18 weeks – R1500


Final Surge ready made training plans



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