DESIGN:MY:PB Personalised Training Plans


DESIGN:MY:PB is a training plan designed by Coach Kathleen, just for you, to help you achieve your personal best over 5k, 10k, half-marathon or the marathon.

With a myriad of  online training plans s and running apps to choose from promising great results – why opt for a personally designed plan?

A personally designed plan –

  • takes into account your running history, age and current fitness
  • is designed around your many everyday life demands – from work, travel and family commitments
  • progresses your training at a rate that is achievable for you
  • takes into account other physical activities that you might do during the week – swimming, cycling etc.
  • sessions can be done in a variety of environments (No need for a running track!)
  • includes lots of variation
  • includes sufficient rest to help you keep going
  • training paces are calculated according to your personal goal
  • is Realistic and Achievable

Training plans are delivered via the online platform TrainingPeaks (which includes a phone app) allowing you to view your schedule on the go and giving you added tools for following your training progress.

PLUS – You get unlimited email access to Coach Kathleen for the duration of the programme


  • 6 Week Programme    – R600
  • 12 Week Programme  – R1000
  • 18 Week Programme  – R1300

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