Sample Tempo Workouts

These are longer more steady runs often run at around half marathon or marathon goal pace. The run would start out easy and gradually pick up to a hard effort, that is fast but sustainable for 30 minutes or longer. You are working hard but below the red line. i.e. You can tell me your address and phone number should I ask!

Tempo’s are great for developing the mental strength to sustain a pace in long races and also for learning what your goal pace feels like.

Be sure to complete a good warm up before and cool down after your workout.


This is a really fun challenge. Run on an out and back route. Run out easy for 20 minutes. Turn and return back to the starting point as much under 20 minutes as you can.

Build the pace steadily on the way back! Try not to look at your watch. Run free! This is a great way for you to learn what effort you can sustain for a long period.

You don’t have to stick to exactly 20 minutes, you can vary the length depending on fitness levels, route options and how much you want to challenge yourself.


Start out jogging easily and gradually build to a steady pace (around half marathon effort) over 10 to 15 minutes.

Now maintain the pace for another 30 minutes.

Finish off with 5 to 10 minutes of easy jogging.


Start out jogging easily and gradually build to a steady pace over 4 km.

Now run at your goal half marathon or marathon pace (depending on what you are training for) for 12 km (for a marathon you can go up to 18 to 20 km).

Finish off with 2 to 4 km easy jogging.

Let me know how you get on.

Onwards and upwards!
Coach Kathleen