Tanya – First Time Marathoner

I was introduced to Kathleen and Active4life by a school friend who made use of her services. My initial goal was to bring my half marathon time down from a 2 hour 30 min to a sub 2 hour half marathon. I had never entertained the thought of completing a Marathon. Although I came close on a couple of occasions to getting that “sub 2” my ambitions shifted to the possibility of completing my first ever marathon. Over the space of a 4 month period Kathleen prepared and worked out a schedule that would get me to that elusive marathon finishes medal. I unfortunately had picked the wrong time of the year to train, the dead of Winter! Although it meant early mornings of pounding the pavement in the dark or rain – the daily motivation of Kathleen’s schedule kept me going! I challenged myself not to delete the prescribed schedule from my inbox until I had completed the training for the day. Before I knew it, I found myself on the start line for my first ever marathon. Not only did I complete the race, I managed to sneak in just under 5 hours, which secretly, was also one of my goals. Without Kathleen’s assistance, I don’t think I would have ever manged to get myself to where I am with my running on my own. I have no doubt that with all the miles and effort I put in for the marathon training, that sub 2 hour half marathon is just around corner for me!

Stephan – Triathlete

I found out about coach Kathleen via my brother-in-law who also used her services. The goal was to get me ready for the 70.3 IronMan. What I found the best aspect about working with Kathleen is that she’s available 24/7 to answer questions and give support. She replies promptly and to the point. Her experience in endurance racing and coaching puts her in that unique position to be that person who knows what she is talking about by having been through it herself first-hand. The other great thing about working with her is that no matter what races you want to go for, she works out your training program around that to get you to race day feeling good and ready to roll, TrainingPeaks that she uses to manage and track the progress is an awesome and invaluable tool in this process! And if your to ambitious about your race schedule, she gently persuades you to a better schedule whereby you train and race at an optimal level for where you are at! I really enjoyed working with Kathleen and would highly recommend her should you be looking for a coach!” ~ Stephan

Melynda – Half Ironman Novice

I have been using Kathleen as my coach for just over a year now, the goal was to enter a 70.3 distance Triathlon. Although a long distance runner, I am certainly no professional nor a speedster, even worse was that I was starting from a base of minimal to no training for around 6mts, Kathleen definitely had her work cut out for her. The constant guidance via email, messages & face-to-face contact of encouragement from Kathleen was AMAZING. She is the most positive, caring & encouraging person I’ve ever met, even when it looked hopeless she was there with her smile pushing me towards my goal and to push beyond my expectations.” ~ Melynda


Sarah – Weekend Warrior

Entering Two Oceans 21km after a two year break is one thing, but being fit and strong enough to get through it in a decent time is another – especially at 45!  Thankfully I had the wonderful, awesome Kathleen to coach me through it.  Kathleen’s amazing running experience and skill, matched with a healthy dose of humour made the 8 month training a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience – thanks K and here’s to the next 21km!” ~ Sarah

Brandon – Endurance Junkie

Kathleen is an excellent, attentive and flexible coach. Her training programme prepared me for Expedition Imashi – a 400km run in 10 days. I really enjoyed working with her as I trained for my event, and could always count on her to reply to my queries, and adapt my programme whenever something needed changing. I trust her running insights and knowledge, and will be working with her for my first Comrades this year!” ~ Brandon

Craig  – Road Enthusiast

The training programme helped me to train smart and effectively, rather than just getting time out onto the road. I have improved my pace, distance and overall strength. I am now well-equipped to use this programme as a basis for my future training. Through the training programme I achieved a PB of 2:01 on the Two Oceans Half. ” ~ Craig

Johan – Half  Ironman Conqueror

From the outset Kathleen expertly guided us through our training weeks and offered more practical and value-adding advice than we could ever have hoped for. With Kathleen’s training program we not only managed to establish a solid endurance fitness base,but we also trained for 20 weeks without suffering any injuries, burnout or other ailments!” ~ Johan

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