Sign up for Trainsmart before 11:59pm on 31 December 2021 and receive a 40% discount on your first 3 months.

You on pay R360 per month (normal rate R600) !

When you sign up for a Trainsmart coaching package with Active4Life you do not get the standard one size fits all training plans that you find for free or in a magazine. You as a runner have individual fitness starting point, goals, training history, training preferences and most importantly training capacity. As a coach, I take into account your weekly life rhythm in order to best schedule your training so that it is realistic to fit it all in,maintaining the joy of running and not adding additional stress which will only hamper improvement.

Driven by passion and pursuing excellence, I am the eternal problem solver, always trying to find ways to help each runner run easier, stronger, faster and with more joy!

My training plans have a clear, simple, progressive structure built on 30 years competitive and 16 years coaching experience. No bells and whistles and false quick success promises, only honest scientific coaching advice.

Interested in hiring me as your running coach?

Email me at coach@active4life.co.za or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.



R600/Month (4 Weeks)
- Individualized and monitored Training Plan on Final Surge, Updated Monthly

- Additional plan revisions as required, because we know things don't always work as planned

- Regular Coaching Feedback
- Nutritional Guidance, including Race Day Fueling as required
- Race Strategy as required
- Unlimited Email/Whatsapp/Phone Communication


Available in bundles of 12 weeks
Cost R1200
-Individualized training plan on Final Surge
-Access to strength training workout library
-One Free Plan Revision
-Additional Revisions: R200 each

All plans include an initial online consultation with the coach and a Final Surge account (shared online training log with automated workout reminders). Every training plan is customized to your schedule, goals, current fitness, and specific race and includes speed work, long runs, specified paces and distances, and clear workout instructions.


Running a marathon is a big deal! We have therefore put together discounted packages to prepare for a marathon. The packages are of different durations depending on your level of fitness, experience and requirements.

View our packages on this link: Trainsmart Marathon Packages

All packages include all the features of the Trainsmart Premium coaching package.

Do you already have a plan, but need the guidance of a coach or have questions you need answered? I offer coaching consultation calls for R400/40 minutes. Includes follow up report, tips and strategy.

Running improvement takes time. Some progress might be seen right away, but you need to allow a few months or more of consistent training to unlock your full potential. For specific race goals I recommend starting coaching 10-12 weeks before your race for half marathons and shorter and 14-16 weeks for a marathon or longer (18 weeks for novices).

If you are interested in coaching I would love to hear from you!

Email me at coach@active4life.co.za or fill out the contact form below: