The Bottom Line

  1. I am sure that all of you have at some point been in a conversation which has you scratching your head until someone asks the all important question "What is the bottom line?". 

  2. In a world where new information gets more likes, gets more followers, makes more money, the pressure is on to produce new and exciting content. Running however remains a really simple sport with a few "Bottom lines" that will always help you become a better runner no matter how much technology advances.

  3. So to help you get started, or become a better runner, here is the Bottom Line -

  4. Number 1:
  5. Bottom line - You are not Eliud Kipchoge 
  6. Or even that guy that runs past your house every day. We all have a different physical make up, different exercise history, different training capacity, different responses to training, different, different, different...The list goes on. To not just progress, but progress well, it is important that you start from your own personal baseline and that the training plan you are following is tailored to all your own "differents".

  7. Number 2:
  8. Bottom line - You are going nowhere sitting on the couch
  9. You can have all the knowledge and gear in the world, but unless you actually get out and run, you are never going to become a runner. It really is that simple. And it gets simpler. To get fitter and become a better runner, run more regularly. That's it. RUN!!!

  10. Number 3:
  11. Bottom line - Getting better is uncomfortable
  12. This one hurts. Our bodies are really a smart design. They only adapt when they struggle to cope with the stress placed on them. Take it easy all the time. Cool, no need to get fitter. Go into the pain cave every now and then, okay that is not fun, body says "we need to get fitter and faster."

  13. Number 4:
  14. Bottom line - You are not Superman
  15. Or Batman or The Incredible Hulk, neither are you immortal. While applying number 2 and number 3 are important for improving, we also need to be aware that whenever we push our bodies hard, it is similar to running a ship aground on rocks. The following days you will be feeling a little battered and will need to run a little easier or take a day off until the hull is strengthened. This balancing act of stress and rest is a fine art and this is where a coach can really help you get the most out of your training. 
  17. Number 5:
  18. Bottom line - Variety is the spice of life
  19. Remember how difficult it was the first time you started riding a bike and then after a while you didn't have to even think about it? Then you began to "up your skill" by riding one hand, no hands, jumping pavements, building ramps and every sort of obstacle course. In order to improve your running you also need to from time to time change things up a bit. Change the pace, the distance, bring in different types of sessions, new routes. By systematically changing the stimulus, you continuously get new responses from your body leading to improvement. Note: Variety does not mean you always go longer and harder. Variety also means sometimes gearing down for a while!

  20. Number 6:
  21. Bottom line - The best way to become a better runner is to run 
  22. Duh!
  23. This is basically number 1 all over again. But it really is that important that it requires mentioning twice. While there definitely is a benefit to be gained from such things as strength training and other cardiovascular activities (swimming, cycling etc.), these are always additional and will never replace running as the bottom line if you want to become a better runner.  

  24. Number 7:
  25. Bottom line - There is no pause button
  26. Oh dear! Yes, unlike your favorite streaming channel, you cannot press pause, go grab popcorn and then just pick up where you left off. While you don't loose all your fitness immediately when you stop, no training is detraining. I always advise, if life is getting a little rough, rather do less and keep going than do nothing at all. Keep the bar at the bottom of the movie moving!!

I hope this has been helpful!

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Onwards and upwards!

Coach Kathleen