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Coach Kathleen
The Running Paradox
By Coach Kathleen | |
Paradox: a situation or statement that seems impossible or is difficult to understand because it contains two opposite facts or characteristics: Examples: - Running is fun. - That was such an awesome race, my muscles were crying.
Running Form Essentials
By Coach Kathleen | |
Information on running form can leave one feeling insecure and confused about how you run. To help you I have summarized the basic essentials to pay attention to in the infographic below. Don't over think it, pay attention to your body and think "run easy".
Speed Training for Beginners Part 3 – Sample Workouts
By Coach Kathleen | |
In part 3 of our series on speed training for beginners, I give sample workouts for each type of speed training mentioned in part 2. For each type I give a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout.
Speed Training for Beginners Part 2 – Types of Speedwork
By Coach Kathleen | |
Part two discusses the various types of sessions you can do to get faster. I always find hills and fartleks the safest and most fun to start out with.
Speed Training for Beginners Part 1 – Priming
By Coach Kathleen | |
Welcome to this three part series on speed workouts for beginners. I will be giving you useful information to get you going safely with speedwork and to keep you going, onwards and upwards. -Part 1 - Priming the body for faster work. -Part 2 - Different types of speed sessions. -Part 3 - Sample workouts for beginners.
Get faster with these hill workouts
By Coach Kathleen | |
Hills are in my personal opinion the best go to for improving speed. They are relatively safe as the incline keeps you from sprinting too fast and together with speed they also improve leg strength and running form (both important contributors to speed).
When you don’t have time to run, run
By Coach Kathleen | |
We have all been there, deadlines, exams, long work hours, lack of sleep, worry, stress, anxiety...keep going going going, no time to run. Yet, this is exactly the time when you will benefit most from pressing pause and going for a run!
The Accidental Experiment – What you train is what you get
By Coach Kathleen | |
One of the most frequent training tips I find myself giving to runners who are struggling in long races, is to simply do more non-stop runs.
Go on a Device Fast
By Coach Kathleen | |
Running gear and devices have changed significantly over the last decade, but below the moisture wicking layers of watches, phone holders, heart rate straps and hydration packs, runners are still the same crazy, obsessed, special humans that they have also been. And non-runners still don't get us!
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