The One Goal You Really Want to Have in 2022

The start of a new year is always a time of great bravado where grandiose goals are set.
Unfortunately, for many, it does not take long before the goals are either postponed to the following year or completely discarded as impossible.
What if there was one goal, that if you just stuck to that, would almost guarantee achieving all your other goals?

I do realise this question sounds like another one of those fad diets, eat only bananas and you will loose weight. Which is why I add the "almost", as nothing in running comes without the effort. Which brings us to the best goal you can set for yourself, and it is really simple. 

Have as few zero run days as possible this year.


The power and beauty of this goal is simple. Running regularly builds and maintains consistency. Consistency is the absolute key to reaching any goal. Whether you are out to break your park run record or a world record, every runner knows that results come when we keep at it, and don't come when we train haphazardly. 


- Like any activity performed routinely, running becomes a habit, a lifestyle, something we just need to do everyday, like that morning cup of coffee. Mornings just are not the same without it!

- The more we run, the more we will experience the benefits, the better our fitness and overall health will be and therefore the more we will have a reason to keep on running.

- The more we run, the fitter we get, which means we can go further, faster, which naturally pushes us towards the "other" goals. Check out my article "Don't use it, loose it" which explains why consistency is so important. 

- The more we run, the more our body adapts to find the most efficient way to move and the easier running becomes. 

- The more we run, the more confident we will be to take on new challenges. Again reaching for those "other" goals.

- The more we run, the more confident we will be to join in other running groups and we become part of the bigger crazy running community - and if you have not reached those "other" goals yet, these guys will make sure you do!

Wishing you plenty of personal bests, Strava kudos, segment records and great running adventures in 2022!


Coach Kathleen

Professional running coach

Cape Town, South Africa