Cape Town, South Africa
Mentally Tougher
Are you a distance runner wanting to improve your mental toughness?

Here are a few simple things you can do on runs to make your mind more fatigue resistant:

1. Minimize the amount of stopping on runs. Better still, don't stop at all.

2. Do a weekly long run (fondly known as LSD). These are easy conversation pace runs of 90 minutes or longer. (p.s. build up to these gradually and minimize stopping.)

3. Already doing long runs? Do "Fast finish" long runs. i.e. Run your long run easy as usual, but over the final 20 - 60 min, gradually pick up the effort till you are getting close to 10k pace in the final kilometers.

4. Run over the top of hills. And then keep running!

5. Do a time trial once a month. Anything from 4-8km is a good distance. These really hurt, but having the goal of chasing a time is motivation to push through.

6. If you have been running for a while and have a good base of fitness, consider adding a faster session e.g. fartlek, intervals, tempo run, once a week.

7. Run with a group that is faster than your comfort zone.

8. Run in tough conditions. Heat, rain, wind, snow...anything short of a tornado.

9. Run when you really don't feel like it.

10. Increase the frequency of your runs.

 Now get off your computer and get out and run!

Onwards and upwards!
Coach Kathleen