Why your child should keep up their sport during exams

It is always very sad for me to see that as soon as school exams start, children stop doing sport. The reason given is usually that there is no time for sport. However, with good pre-planning, time management and discipline (plus less time spent scrolling awesome social media pages like Active4Life), there is not only enough time available, but the quality of learning is higher, meaning studies take less time, and the emotional and mental wellness of the child is much greater.

Here are a few great benefits of keeping up with sport during exam times:

1. Your child will be mentally sharper, have better concentration and improved memory. All of which lead to better quality study time.

2. The release of endorphins reduces stress and anxiety, increases energy and boosts enthusiasm and overall "feel good" emotions. 

3. More disciplined time management leaves less time for television and social media browsing. Both of which result in brain numbing and are very likely to increase stress and anxiety and stimulate negative emotions.

4. Sport provides healthy social interaction and great peer to peer encouragement and motivation in a safe positive environment. 

5. Having done physical activity in the afternoon or early evening (and having been away from screens!), your child is likely to sleep better leaving them refreshed and ready for their exams.

So in future, plan sports as part of the study timetable for greater exam wellness and great results.

Onwards and upwards!

Coach Kathleen