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A Fresh Take on Endurance Training

Endurance training is well understood by marathoners and beyond as a key component of training. For them it is an obvious necessity for survival. However I often find that runners focusing on the shorter distances such as track, the 5k and even some 10k runners, neglect this most important component and end up struggling to improve. Through training we are basically wanting to improve 3 things. We want to be able to:

  • Run further before conking.
  • Run at a faster pace before getting out of breath.
  • Run further at a fast pace.

https://active4life.co.za/blog/going-long-to-go-fast/Huge improvements in all of the above will be made if we can get more oxygen to the working muscles. And that is what endurance training is very much about, stimulating adaptations in the cardiovascular system that will increase oxygen delivery to the working muscles. So instead of thinking miles when thinking of the endurance training, think, increased oxygen delivery training. That is why even 800m runners do 2 hour long slow run. The  improved oxygen delivery helps them maintain those supersonic speeds.

Head on over to my blog  “Going long to go fast” for more explanation on the topic.

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Coach Kathleen