When you don’t have time to run, run

We have all been there, deadlines, exams, long work hours, lack of sleep, worry, stress, anxiety…keep going going going, no time to run.

Yet, this is exactly the time when you will benefit most from pressing pause and going for a run!

In fact the time taken out is not lost, but an investment yielding the returns of being more productive, clearer thought and greater creativity, improved mood, improved mental and physical health, a stronger immune system and much much more.

Copy of Wednesday Wisdom

Check out these benefits of taking a break from your desk to go run:

1. During exercise the levels of endocannabinoids in the bloodstream increase. These contribute to improved mood, reduced anxiety and a general feeling of calm. All benefits that will help you think clearer, have greater focus and be in a better state to solve complex problems.

2. Increased levels of Serotonin also contribute to reduced stress and very importantly - improved sleep (something we all struggle with when overworked and anxious!)

3. Your brain releases endorphins which help fight depression, reduce pain and boost the immune system. Less days off sick!

4. Improved circulation and increased blood flow to the brain, "wakes you up!", makes you sharper, improves mental stamina and makes you more effective with multiple tasks. All plus marks for productivity!

5. Even without all the brainoid, endonoids etc. etc. Just getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the feeling of freedom running brings, moving along care-free, wind in your hair, heart pounding in your chest, will leave you refreshed, joyful and invigorated - ready to kick butt on that assignment.

Onwards and upwards!

Coach Kathleen

Professional running coach

Cape Town, South Africa